Open Historical Map presentation at State of the Map Birmingham

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A talk titled "Open Historical Map : Re-using outdated information" will be presented by David Evans at the State of the Map conference in Birmingham this Friday at 14:20 GMT. The talk is about the Open Historical Map, an offshot of the Open Street Map, that concerns itself with historical GIS information. It brings together a lot of the ideas of Jeff Meyer, Muninn, Susanna Ånäs (WikiMaps) and others about what historical mapping should look like.
Muninn has been quietly exporting some trench information to the OHM and trying out a few different experiments about how to best integrate geospatial information. At present, the Linked Geo Data export from the OHM is not working and this is necessary for Muninn to work properly. An bigger problem is reconciling the trench data that is both spatial and temporal across each party's trench maps and the ennemy's intelligence map of the same trenches. What is an interesting research problem for an historian turns out to be a really interesting algorithmic problem for computer scientist!