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Retrieving Historical Photos of Film Stars using DBpedia


This is a follow-up to the previous blog post on retrieving historical art from the Rijksmuseum. Like historical art, film star photos inform us about politics and human culture at particular times throughout history - but there are so many film star photos that it becomes difficult to devote sufficient attention to each individual photo. We can use DBpedia to retrieve historical photos of film stars and display them in our statistically generated scenes of historical events. We'll display both film star photos and historical art that best fit the contexts of our statistically generated scenes - and use the context of the scenes that they are placed in to interpret them for their historical significance.

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Open Historical Map presentation at State of the Map Birmingham


A talk titled "Open Historical Map : Re-using outdated information" will be presented by David Evans at the State of the Map conference in Birmingham this Friday at 14:20 GMT. The talk is about the Open Historical Map, an offshot of the Open Street Map, that concerns itself with historical GIS information.

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